Game of Thrones: How Will it End?

I’ve come out of retirement to discuss my thoughts, feelings, and predictions for the end of Game of Thrones. I think it’s more fun to discuss what might happen than talk about what actually happens.

Game of Thrones has a problem on its hands. They actually have a lot of problems but first and foremost is how to wrap up the entire series with only 2 episodes left. With years in between seasons every viewer has given some thought to how it will all end. With so much time to consider all the possibilities I bet you’re like me and have your own opinions about what exactly should happen. The inherent problem with this is that George RR Martin is guiding the ship and he’s had the general ending mapped out for years. As we get closer and closer to the end I have the sneaking suspicion that there is going to be a serious lack to twists coming. I was listening to Joe Reid on the podcast This Had Oscar Buzz and he was talking about Ron Howard and his sentiments really explain how I think HBO and Martin will handle the end of GOT simply by replacing Ron Howard’s name with George RR Martin, “It’s not going to be weird and interesting anymore. [George RR Martin] is really going to flatten it and do the [George RR Martin] thing which is kind of unsurprising not daring. He’ll pull it in for a landing but not do anything cool with it.” 

With all that said let’s go character by character.

John Snow: Personally I like Jon Snow but I also find him remarkably boring. He’s a little to goody-to-shoes if you know what I mean. 

What I think will happened: He has the best chance of actually coming out on top as ruler of the 7 kingdoms after all is said and done. It would be the most predictable ending and that’s why I think it’s the likeliest to happen. No one (including me) would be mad at it but no one is going to cheer either. 

What I want to happen: Jon Snow must die. I want him to sacrifice himself in an emotional save-the-day kind of move. His death would be shocking to all the fans which is even more reason to do it. 

Daenerys: Oh Dani what a journey we’ve had. For so many seasons you were off in your own land (aka storyline) not interacting with any other major members of the cast. Now you’re right in the middle of it all with this Silky Ganaché villain edit. Just like Silky, we’re all asking ourselves, Can she really win?

What I Think Will happen: Remember in the Hunger Games when low key crazy Julianne Moore was taken out at the last minute by JLaw? I think almost the exact same thing will happen. This is probably a good place to combine my idea for Jon Snow’s death/savior narrative.

What I Want to Happened: Of all the characters I think Dani is my best chance for getting what I want. Death by Jon, Sansa, Arya, or my secret lethal lesbian. But more on that later.

Cersei: My favorite character of the whole series because she’s evil and crazier than a muscle bear during a roid rage. I love every minute of what Cersei is serving up. I don’t think this show would be half as compelling if she (and actress Lina Headey) were not involved. Is she pregnant? Probably not. Blonde Cher forever in my heart. 

What I Think Will Happen: We basically already know she’s going be killed by her brother. The only real question is it going to be Jaime or Tyrion? My guess is Jaime because that’s seems to be the ultimate full circle moment. 

What I Want to Happen: Part of me really wants to see her succeed and just kill off everyone. The final shot of the show would be her on the throne just smirking. That would be the ultimate twist and I would cheer in evil joy. WIG!

Sansa: She is my second favorite character of the show and I’ve always found her storyline compelling. Last season when she and Arya teamed up to kill Littlefinger I genuinely yelled out in excitement as I watched the episode. 

What I Think Will Happen: I expect her to survive but from the sidelines. Best case scenario is that she remains ruler of the north while (probably) Jon sits on the Iron Throne. In general I don’t think her character is going to get the retribution that so many years of shit has led to and that’s a shame. 

What I Want To Happen: I want her to grab a sword to kill Dani and Cersei in a huge battle royale straight out of Kill Bill. Hell put her in a yellow jumpsuit while we’re at it and play some Nancy Sinatra! I want badass Sansa to come out. 

Jaime: He was always a good supporting character. While I never really invested in him I did enjoy his banter and chemistry with other people. 

What I Think Will Happen:  Like I said I think he’s going to be the one to kill Cersei because… obviously. 

What I Want to Happen: Honestly, I don’t care. Live, die, whatever.  He’s like a male pop star: he doesn’t matter.

Arya: I’ve hated her story line for many season. Most of the series actually. Remember that whole season of her training in the monastery? Yeah I used to fast forward right through it. I get why we had to see it but I was still bored. I wasn’t an Arya fan until she got back to Winterfell and teamed up with Sansa. 

What I Think Will Happen: She already gave us a hint that she’ll never be back to Winterfell when she said as much in the last episode. I’m not sure how but I doubt Arya will survive the series. 

What I Want to Happen: It would be cool if she ended up as ruler of the whole thing at the end but that’s so unlikely. Otherwise I’d prefer a super emotion death that makes everyone cry. 

Tyrion: I really like him as The Hand to the queen and he’s been one of the funnest characters on the show. 

What I Think Will Happen: He could be the one to kill Cersei but my money is still on Jaime. Tyrion doesn’t have any other major storylines or character arcs to finish so he’s the one I’m most unsure of. Honestly don’t know what they’ll do with/to him. 

What I Want to Happen: Stay the hand to whomever ends up as ruler. 

Samwell: Every chasers GOT boyfriend. Samwell has always been the nice guy. 

What I Think Will Happen: I think his goodbye to Jon was his goodbye to the show. I think his storyline is done so we won’t see him again. 

What I Want to Happen: Unless he’s going to come back in the last moment to slay the dragon bitch I’m happy to have him living his happily ever after. 

Brienne: She got knighted and nailed all in the same day. (Pause for applause of that joke) She even had her very own Sam Smith “Stay with me” speech.  Who doesn’t love Brienne?!

What I Think Will Happen: She had sex which probably means she’s going to die. This show isn’t great to its female characters so I‘m cautiously pessimistic with this one.

What I Want to Happen: Please don’t kill her. Please don’t kill her. Please don’t kill her. Please don’t kill her. Please don’t kill her. Please don’t kill her. Please don’t kill her. Please don’t kill her. Please don’t kill her.

Bran: The most boring and eye roll educing character of the whole show. He exists only as a plot point. Through all these seasons I guess his only purpose was to tell Jon Snow who his real parents were. His entire character could have been replaced by a birth certificate. 

What I Think Will Happen: If he’s the one left sitting on the throne I’ll vomit.  

What I Want to Happen: Fuck that boring bitch. I’m over him. 

Bron, Podrick and The Hound: While I like Bron the best the group all three are expendable. Their death and ensuing tears will be make for a better finale. Bye boys. 

Yara Greyjoy: I’ve specifically left her until last. A very underrated and under used character throughout the whole show. 

What I Think Will Happen: She will probably be totally forgotten. At best she’ll be mentioned in an offhand comment about the Iron Islands. 

What I Want to Happen: In my ideal ending Yara comes in at the end to take over and beat everyone. She destroys the Iron Throne and gets rid of this whole birthright monarchy bullshit by bringing some democratic values in. Take down the patriarchy Yara!


P. S. My gay fantasy is for there to be a scene where Jonathon Van Ness is doing Cersei’s hair. He doesn’t need to speak but I need to see him there. GASP!