Final Thoughts on Season 10 of Drag Race

  1. I find the Vixen so puzzling. She had a ton of excellent things to say backstage all while being basic AF in the actual competition. If Untucked were removed I’d forget she was even on the show. Why didn’t she bring all that fire and activism to the runway? Give us looks that challenge racial stereotypes not an entrance outfit that was falling apart. She could channel that rage into her drag and be Rosa Parks or Marsha P Johnson on Snatch Game. Give us something. I’d have a lot more respect for her activism if her drag wasn’t so boring.
  2. RuPaul favorite Aquaria won me over. Over all she had the best runways of the season but it was Asia’s Tweety Bird that wins out as the single most memorable look.
  3. Dear Mayhem Miller, you were one of my favorite queens this season. You won a challenge and had a memorable lip sync. With all honesty I think you were just a bit to down to earth and normal for reality tv. To stand out you need a big ol dash of crazy. Either way you deserve Kameron’s spot.
  4. Monique Heart. MONIQUE HEART! I’m a total stan for Monique Heart. As the narrator of the season she made it all so perfect. Facts are facts America she’s the real winner of season 10. Even Aquaria knew that brown cow stunning stole the show. When she went home I sort of lost interest in the season. Hands down my favorite of season 10.
  5. Everyone tells me the Miz Cracker robot is amazing. She should star in a reboot of Small Wonder.
  6. Monét’s death drop fake out was truly sponge worthy.
  7. The forgettable 4: Dusty, Blair, Yuhua, and Kalorie. Jayden Dior Fierce and Dax Exclamation Point welcome you to the club.
  8. I was really hoping for a non-New York non-white finale: Asia O’Hara, Monique Heart, and Mayhem Miller. Sigh.
  9. When the season started I was convinced they wouldn’t crown a 3rd New York queen. Then I remembered that all 3 All Star winners are blonde and white. So yeah… looks like it’ll be the age of Aquaria. (Damn now I’ve got that song stuck in my head)
  10. I want Asia to win although I can’t figure out if I really like her for her or if it’s purely hometown pride. Either way bring the crown home to Dallas!
  11. Truth be told, I’m not really invested in this finale. I don’t hate any of the top 4 but I also don’t have a true favorite. I guess I’m feeling very beige about it all. Beige beige beige.
  12. Kameron Michael is a talented queen but I genuinely don’t care. True apathy.
  13. I don’t know any gossip about the finale but I suspect we’re going to see stunt after stunt after stunt. And all of them will never be able to live up to the magic that Sasha pulled off with those rose petals. Sasha4ever!
  14. Regardless of who wins fans are going to be outraged and pissed because you know… the internet. Just remember that deep down none of them truly cares. Proof: when’s the last time you heard anyone go on about Shea Coulee or Shangela?
  15. I still love everything Vanjie. My favorite Vanjie meme is the Call Me By Your Name cross over meme.
  16. Everyone loved Eureka after going home too early on Season 9. Now it seems like some of that love has cooled. With Vanessa Vanjie Mateo suffer the same fate?
  17. In the Drag Race world I think of the series as having different eras. Each era consisting of 3 seasons.
  • Seasons 1-3 make up the Absolute Era.
  • Seasons 4-6 make up the Untucked Era.
  • Seasons 7-9 make up the Era of Change.

It’s fitting that Season 10 starts a new era because it feels decidedly different. I wonder what the future holds?

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