Sports vs Drag

  1. Black guys are better at it.
  2. Watching the professionals is fun.
  3. It’s even more fun if you’re drunk.
  4. Watching amateurs can range anywhere from entertaining and enjoyable to cringe worthy and painful.
  5. Overzealous fans take the competition way too seriously.
  6. The more someone hates it the more you want to say, “Tell it to your therapist not me.”
  7. Spectators who did it once in college and now give their opinion like they’re Harvard scholars.
  8. Plenty of colorful merch available to support your favorite.
  9. High profile executives who have questionable views about trans people.
  10. When you see it live you spend as much time watching as you do cruising the hot daddies in the crowd.
  11. You’ll need a special outfit to participate and padding usually helps.
  12. There are podcasts dedicated to the latest news and events.
  13. Die hard fans who look down on everyone who only jumped on board after the big win.
  14. Prettiness can make up for a lack of talent.
  15. For every homo who loves it there’s a homo who hates it.
  16. Nerds don’t get it.
  17. Balls are important.
  18. Protecting your balls is more important.

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