40 Questions for the Future


  1. What if Donald Trump gets re-elected?
  2. How do we prevent Pulse from being forgotten?
  3. Will I end up turning into the cranky old man afraid of change that I hate?
  4. Will Queen Latifa and Tyler Perry ever come out?
  5. Why is sucking cock so incredibly wonderful?
  6. Is it possible to complain about social media without sounding like an old man yelling at the clouds?
  7. If we let conservative racists use the N word can we call them Nazis in return?
  8. Are you as excited as I am that Hulu will start streaming The Golden Girls in February?
  9. Who will win in the final face off, John Snow or Daenerys?
  10. When there is a study linking shitty behavior (messiness, ignoring texts, etc) to intelligence does that excuse the shitty behavior?
  11. Can “Now that Trump is the president I can’t be your friend on social media” be a new Hallmark card?
  12. When will Miss Piggy get the late night talk show I feel she deserves?
  13. If I wrote an advice book do you think they’d let me call it Advanced Faggotry?
  14. Do I have to pretend to have respect for someone after they buy a gun?
  15. Will my anxiety over passing out ever go away?
  16. Why isn’t there a fast food restaurant with the food quality of Whataburger and the drive through speed of McDonald’s?
  17. When will I finally get to see Hamilton?
  18. If you won the lottery would you stay in your current city or move?
  19. Will we ever lose our body issues?
  20. Will orgies ever be popular again?
  21. If given the option would you pick Donald Trump as president or a 3rd term for George W Bush?
  22. Where have all the cowboys gone?
  23. Are Trump voters excited about the future?
  24. Will I ever enjoy sci-fi fantasy?
  25. Is Lena Dunham a pioneering feminist or or just a whinny rich girl?
  26. Why aren’t there more gay comedians?
  27. Will bears ever be willing to openly admit to using steroids?
  28. Once marijuana is legal throughout the country will it become as lame as cigarettes are now?
  29. Will I ever have money in my savings account?
  30. Is it bad that I’m kind of hoping for another housing crash so that I’m able to afford a home?
  31. How long will it take for there to be an openly gay player in every major sport?
  32. Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf?
  33. Will Lorde ever release a second album?
  34. Can anyone successfully follow Anna Wintour as editor and chief of Vogue?
  35. Which part of history are we repeating?
  36. When will we have a gay president?
  37. Will there ever be a cartoon with characters who change clothes every episode?
  38. Will Apple ever truly surprise and excite customers at an iPhone launch again?
  39. When will I start attracting daddy lovers?
  40. Will this all work out in the end?

Movie Review: Rogue One

Rogue One is the worst of all the Star Wars movies. Absolutely awful. This latest incarnation takes a deep dive into the Star Wars timeline between episodes 3 and 4. Unfortunately the plot of the movie is terribly derivative which is only made worse by the cast of forgettable actors and actresses. It’s clear that now with Disney in control of the franchise they are going to churn out cookie cutter versions of an old story just for quick money. I wish Hollywood would stop relying on sequels and start creating more original content. Skip this movie at all costs. I give it a solid D-. 

I guess I should mention that I haven’t actually seen Rogue One. However I’ve seen other space movies so my opinion is important and matters. 

Last week I posted a link for The Great Instagram Experiment on Facebook and it got a lot of attention resulting in more comments than usual. The post touched on a sensitive topic so naturally many people had their opinions. I was happy to see people engaging with the article but the comments were a bit baffling. The majority of people sharing their opinions were not Instagram users themselves. That didn’t stop them from trying to explain to me what I might have missed or why I might be wrong. While I’m happy to hear from other IG users about their experience I don’t really know what to do with the opinions of people who don’t use the app. It’s like reading a movie review written by a guy who hasn’t watched the movie. So rather than write long paragraphs about how our society is filling up with people who feel their opinions, no matter how uneducated, are important I decided to write a movie review for a film I haven’t seen. 

In conclusion I leave you with some final thoughts: 

  • Just because you use Facebook doesn’t make you an expert on social media. Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pariscope are all different with different purposes. 
  • Not all media is for everyone. As our culture diversifies there are more and more movies, tv shows, and books that a created for a specific group of people and that might not include you and I. Rogue One is a deep dive for Star Wars fans who have seen all the episodes and understand the timeline. Rogue One isn’t for me and thats alright. In the same way a straight guy might not get the comedy of Girls Will Be Girls or a white person might not understand all of the nuances of Atlanta and Insecure. 
  • I have the right to my own opinion but just because I have an opinion doesn’t mean it matters.