Don’t Be Basic


  1. Don’t post un-cropped photos. I shouldn’t have to say this but if you take a screen shot crop out those thick black bars before you post the picture. *SMH*
  2. Don’t make one of those cliché sportsball jokes. I’m not saying you have to give a shit about sports but sportsball is an old joke that’s been beaten to death. RIP sportsball.
  3. Don’t say, “Not my president.” Although it’s tempting you end up sounding like a Sarah Palin tea partier.
  4. Don’t ever say, “I don’t bite unless you want me to.” The only thing less sexy is saying you’ll only give a blowjob with a condom.
  5. Don’t give the 2 finger piece sign in pictures. You’re not a retired hippy with brain damage from too many years of acid.
  6. Don’t complain about too much political correctness when you have benefited from it. Fucking faggots.
  7. Don’t even think of having a close up picture of your lips as a profile picture. Look at your life. Look at your choices.
  8. Don’t talk to someone who has headphone on at work. “But he has headphones on all the time?” That’s because he never wants to talk to you.
  9. Don’t use the Snapchat dog filter for a profile picture. Seriously have some self respect.


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