Delete Your Account Phi Phi


After season 4 Phi Phi was clearly hated by Drag Race fans for being the bully to super star Sharon Needles. Coming back to All Stars Phi Phi’s main goal apart from wining the crown was to rehab her image. I think she was so focused on trying to manipulate the situation in her favor that she’s forgot to have fun and focus on the challenges rather than the outcome. Roxy Andrews is a perfect example of the best way to improve your image. I’d argue that after season 5 Roxy Andrews was more hated than Phi Phi ever was. Phi Phi’s rival Sharon Needles fought back which made for great tv. Roxy was going up against Jinx Monsoon who never fought back and therefore the whole thing came off as severe bullying. Coming into All Stars I think both queens had the same goal of fixing the public’s perception. Roxy has done a great job coming off as fun and likeable and I suspect everyone has all but forgotten her past image. For some reason Phi Phi can’t seem to climb out of that mean girl role. If she wants to come off as nice why is she constantly harping on Alyssa for going against their pack? Let it go and move on because by continually bringing it up she’s only giving the producers what they want. On top of all that she’s on social media constantly stirring the pot. Her edit isn’t as good as she wanted but it’s not horrible. It kind of reminds me of a the edit Ginger Minj got on season 7. Ginger came off as kind of bitchy but not the devil. When she returned to All Stars she laughed it off rather then constantly bring it up. Phi Phi forgets that the public, especially social media, has a short memory for these things and as soon as a new season starts the past is quickly forgotten. Does anyone still hate Acid Betty? Has anyone thought about Acid Betty since season 8? If Phi Phi had thought this out she would have laughed off her previous image and not constantly revisit it. Stop reminding us of who you used to be and show us who you are now. As much as the producers can manipulate the show they can’t make you say things you didn’t say. While I’m sure there is a lot of blame to share with the show Phi Phi needs to acknowledge her own flaws.


After last week’s episode Phi Phi had a mini breakdown on Twitter announcing that she will not be attending the reunion because the producers again manipulated her image. She even blasted RuPaul’s recent Emmy win. I don’t doubt that some fans are hard on her especially since she’s the resident bad girl again this season. However something didn’t sit right about the whole thing. After four episodes the tone hasn’t changed all that much. Why now? If anything this episode started to redeem her a bit because she finally did well and reached the top 2 which indicated that the tides might be turning in her favor. Regardless she broke down on Twitter claiming to have locked herself in the bathroom crying because the producers had manipulated her so much. Amongst the tweets she also announced that her new album had come out that day under her boy name. There is was, that was the missing link that made all her bullshit make sense. Not only did that cancel any sympathy  I had for her but I also now question all of her motives and cries for of sorrow.

Looking at everything through this new skeptical lens I think I can put together what happened. Phi Phi probably didn’t make the top 3 and overall wasn’t as successful on All Stars as she wanted. In fact I suspect she goes home soon if not on the next episode.That would explain why her breakdown was timed with episode 4 which wasn’t that bad to her. She knew she had to get attention soon because her time on the show was almost over. In the year since filming (the show was filmed in August 2015) she decided to move away from drag and instead try and start a singing career as a boy. It seems she also decided to use her edit and manipulation to her advantage and thus exaggerated her hurt feelings as a tactic to get attention. This would also distance herself from the show so that people would take her more seriously as a boy singer. Unlike Alaska whose album announcement and show appearance had perfect symbiosis, Phi Phi’s  attempt at making up drama as a PR move just came off as pathetic and manipulative. Hopefully it’s worth it because that bridge is burned beyond repair. Instead of rehabbing her image Phi Phi just cemented it and made herself the butt of years of Drag Race jokes.

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