Drag Race All Stars: S2 E1


  1. FYI this season is being broadcast on VH1 in HD. Set your DVRs accordingly. 
  2. Katya deserved to be in Adore’s spot. Their looks were equally mediocre but Adore’s actual talent was much better. Katya absolutely wasn’t the worst but she was worse than Adore. 
  3. I love Tatianna’s bitchy superiority vibe. Thank you. 
  4. Bye Coco. We forgot you before and we’ll forget you again. 
  5. If Roxxy Andrews can stay nice she really has a chance to turn her career around. She’s very talented but people HATED her after her season due to her bullying. 
  6. Michelle went in on Adore harder than any of the other queens causing some internet backlash. She needs to be careful because Toderick is more than ready to take over hosting duties on the BOTS tour. 
  7. Alaska is still the best on the show. #TEAMALASKA 
  8. Ginger for top 3? I would have switched her with Alyssa Edwards. 
  9. I originally wanted Detox in the top 3 but now I’m rethinking. She’s really good but not really great. 
  10. I love all the new twists this season. It’s the perfect way to keep things fresh and interesting. Now there’s basically a built in untucked episode before the lip sync. You nailed it RuPaul. 

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