Drag Race All Stars Preview

mgid uma image logotv.com 12066876

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 2 (aka Season 5: the sequel) is almost here and I’m so excited!

  1. I suspect Katya isn’t going to do as well as people expect. Honestly I haven’t been impressed by her drag since season 7 ended and I’ve heard mixed reviews of her performances.
  2. I’m living for Alyssa Edwards!
  3. Coco Montrese needs to bow and kiss Alyssa’s ring. Alyssa is the only reason why Coco’s here. As soon as she was sent home the public collectively forgot about her. Alyssa was clearly the memorable one of that duo.
  4. Clearly Alaska has to win right?
  5. My hope for the Top 3 are: Alaska, Alyssa, Detox. Possible switch of Detox for Adore. Note: that’s my hope not my prediction.
  6. Thank god they aren’t doing teams.
  7. Lip sync for your legacy? YASS! YASSSSS!
  8. The weakest seem to be Coco and Phi Phi. I hesitate to include Tatiana because I think she the biggest unknown.
  9. I bet Phi Phi goes home early because I keep seeing photos of her doing press dressed as a boy when the rest of the cast is in drag. 

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