Dressed To Kill

I suspect most guys don’t put a lot of thought into what they wear. I however have been known to plan outfits weeks in advance. With an upcoming event on Friday I thought this would be a good opportunity to walk you through my process in order to help you dress smarter.

Event: Lawn seats for a concert with a forecasted temperature of 100 degrees.

Things To Consider:

Weather/Temperature: In this case the weather will have a huge impact on my outfit choice. Considering that I’ll be outside in triple digit heat means I need something light weight that I’ll be comfortable sweating in. Also there’s a good chance I’ll be sitting on the ground so my shorts should be ones I don’t mind getting dirty. Nothing brand new or special. 

What Look Am I going For? Do I want to be fashionable or fuckable? Preppy or pretty? The possibilities are endless but my mood will have a big impact on the style I choose. Personally I never feel pretty or sexy when I’m hot and sweaty so most likely I’ll be aiming for fun and functional aka practical with personality. 

Practicality: An outdoor concert packed with drunk people in the height of summer means that function will win out here. Of course I always want to look nice but I need to assume that I might have sweat marks early and even a spilled drink on me later. Nothing to fussy. This screams an older pair of cargo shorts with a tank top.

Will Pictures Be Taken? This might seem like a shallow thing to consider but it makes a difference. Last year I wore the same tank top to a couple different parties over the course of the year. These events were months apart and in one case 1500 miles away. As it happened there were a ton of pictures taken at those parties so anyone looking on Facebook got the impression that I only own and wear one shirt. Maybe take a scan through your pictures to see if you see any repeat offenders.

Be Appropriate: I believe in wearing the appropriate clothing for the occasion.  This is a general admission Dixie Chicks concert so a restrained casual dress code is called for. Nothing too over the top. I’ll save my super gay or overtly sexual tee shirts for a stop off at the Eagle afterward. 

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