Ghostbusters, Fox News, & TSwift



Bernie- I like Bernie but from the beginning I’ve always thought he wouldn’t do well as president. On day 1 of the DNC the hardcore Bernie supporters ignored his call for unity. This gives a good glimpse of the reasons why he wouldn’t make a good president. If his own supporters are ignoring his wishes how does he expect to lead the diverse general population? To his credit he’s been trying hard to get his Bernie-or-Busters on the H train but they’ve even boo’d him too. Those Bernie Busters really are our version of the Tea Party.

Ghostbusters- I loved the new Ghostbusters movie. It’s just a pure fun and silly summer comedy. Kate McKinnon steals every scene she’s in. I should mention that I have no history or opinion of the original GB. (I’m not sure I’ve ever actually seen it) This is worth mentioning only because when I’ve listened to reviews many people who were childhood fans of the original had mixed feelings. I urge everyone to go see it and try to separate it from the original and see it as its own movie. I’ll use Hairspray as an example. I deeply love the original Hairspray and it probably holds as much value to me as Ghostbusters does to the general public. When the remake came out in 2007 I was nervous that it would ruin the movie I loved so much. I watched the remake and enjoyed it for what it was. I wasn’t the old movie it was something different which made it a good movie on its own.

Fox News- I’ve started to include in my daily news rotation. All of my news sources are all liberal leaning and I want to get a balanced perspective because no one is perfect. It’s always good to know what the other side is thinking and I’m curious to see the media that Trump supporters see. So far their headlines haven’t been the demonic calls for Hillary’s arrest that I expected. Either Fox News is having a problem with getting behind Trump or I’m not digging deep enough within the site. Truth be told I just do a general overview because I can only stomach so much.

Swiftwestashian- I recently listened to a podcast speculate that the recent controversy involving Taylor, Kim, and Kanye was all a government distraction. One of the panelists predicted that the three celebrities were asked to stir up a scandal as a way of distracting everyone from all of the terrible things going on in this country. The whole conversation was had in fun but it does beg the question of how much truth there is to it. I can honestly picture Obama calling up Kim K asking her to pull some sort of stunt to give the public something light hearted and frivolous to break up the constant barrage of negative headlines. If all this is true I predict Taylor and Kanye will open the VMA’s in September together causing a rating explosion.

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