9 Signs You’re Not Really Into Politics 

If you’re like me you pretend to be knowledgable about politics but in reality you’re just faking it. 

  1. You’re a middle class white man whose life has never changed much due to an election. 
  2. You only vote in presidential election years. 
  3. You can’t name any of your local politicians. 
  4. You were very angry and opinionated over the super delegate system back in March and now you’ve completely forgotten about it. 
  5. You’ll be very angry and opinionated about the electoral college system in November only to forget about it in December. 
  6. You’re not actually sure when Election Day is. 
  7. You know who you’re voting for but can’t list any of his/her policies. 
  8. Deep down you wish Obama could be president forever. 
  9. You’re thinking about voting for a third party candidate even though you never heard of the person or party until a month ago.

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