I’m an Uninformed Hillary Voter

Many Democrats wonder how any of the Republicans can support their presidential nominee. His slogan of  “Make America Great Again” seems to have inspired blind loyalty across the country despite his lack of actual policy ideas or plans. They just like the general idea of him because of his charisma. 

It got me thinking about my strong support of Hillary Clinton. Other than her infrastructure plan, I couldn’t name any of her specific policies that have swayed my vote. In fact I probably couldn’t name any of her policy plans period. Admittedly I’m as uninformed as any of the Republican voters I ridicule and just like them my vote for HRC is mostly due to personality. 

So for the sake of honesty, here are the honest reasons why I’m voting for Hillary Clinton. 

1. I just like her. She’s got a badass take-no-prisoners head bitch in charge attitude that I’ve always loved. I actually slightly preferred her over Obama in 2008. 

2. I think she’d get shit done. 

3. She’s a Democrate and I’ve got no other option. 

4. Republicans can’t win. 

5. I don’t give a shit about all her ties to wall street. 

6.  She’s a moderate politican for the most part and that’s what we need right now. I think a more liberal president would only further divide the country. 

7. There needs to be a female president. 

8. She’s been in politics for decades and is more experienced with it that probably anyone else. I’ve never understood everyone’s preference for a totally inexperienced outsider. There’s no other job where inexperience is a good thing. 

9. Did I mention Republicans can’t win?

10. I like that she’s not the soft and pretty female stereotype that society wants. She strong and confident. 

11. She’s a Democrate. 

Looking over my list I acknowledge that with only minor alterations many of these reasons could be used by republicans in support of their nominee. We’re all voting as much for someone as against someone. Clearly I’m no better then them and the only thing that I have in my favor is that I’m right and they’re wrong. 

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