I’m an Uninformed Hillary Voter

Many Democrats wonder how any of the Republicans can support their presidential nominee. His slogan of  “Make America Great Again” seems to have inspired blind loyalty across the country despite his lack of actual policy ideas or plans. They just like the general idea of him because of his charisma. 

It got me thinking about my strong support of Hillary Clinton. Other than her infrastructure plan, I couldn’t name any of her specific policies that have swayed my vote. In fact I probably couldn’t name any of her policy plans period. Admittedly I’m as uninformed as any of the Republican voters I ridicule and just like them my vote for HRC is mostly due to personality. 

So for the sake of honesty, here are the honest reasons why I’m voting for Hillary Clinton. 

1. I just like her. She’s got a badass take-no-prisoners head bitch in charge attitude that I’ve always loved. I actually slightly preferred her over Obama in 2008. 

2. I think she’d get shit done. 

3. She’s a Democrate and I’ve got no other option. 

4. Republicans can’t win. 

5. I don’t give a shit about all her ties to wall street. 

6.  She’s a moderate politican for the most part and that’s what we need right now. I think a more liberal president would only further divide the country. 

7. There needs to be a female president. 

8. She’s been in politics for decades and is more experienced with it that probably anyone else. I’ve never understood everyone’s preference for a totally inexperienced outsider. There’s no other job where inexperience is a good thing. 

9. Did I mention Republicans can’t win?

10. I like that she’s not the soft and pretty female stereotype that society wants. She strong and confident. 

11. She’s a Democrate. 

Looking over my list I acknowledge that with only minor alterations many of these reasons could be used by republicans in support of their nominee. We’re all voting as much for someone as against someone. Clearly I’m no better then them and the only thing that I have in my favor is that I’m right and they’re wrong. 

Creativity Uniqueness Nerve and Talent


There are certain things that make my gay heart swell. Nothing gives me more joy than unabashed expression’s of queerness. Shante you stay queen. 

1. Beyonce’s Crazy in Love


2. A drag queen’s runway reveal



3. Brendan Jordan


4. The video for Madonna’s Girls Gone Wild


5. A fierce death drop


6. The Prancing Elites

7. The Schuyler Sisters performed by Lucas, Joshua, and Douglas

11 Things I learned At Tidal Wave

I’ve never been to Tidal Wave but my friend Andy Samples offered to act as a guest writer and give his of the event.

  1. Now that waterproof phone are a thing, a lot of people are on Growlr in the pool. 🐻
  2. The hotel has literally an unlimited amount of fresh, clean, towels. Feel free to get a new one every 20 minutes. there are always more. 😉
  3. The sporty gays refer to hooking up with a couple as a 2 point conversion. 👬
  4. A lot of people don’t realize how intense Florida sun is and forget to wear sunscreen. We call those people “tomatoes.” ☀️😡
  5. Pool view rooms do offer a an excellent view, but the club music pumping until 2am means you won’t be going to sleep before then. Don’t get a pool view room if you’re a light sleeper who wants to get to bed at a decent hour. 🚫😴
  6. “Come see me in 12 cheeseburgers” is the best rejection line you’ll hear all weekend. ☺️🍔
  7. Going anywhere on the elevators will take a while but use the opportunity to chat up any cuties who are waiting with you. Close the deal quickly enough and your floor destination may change during the journey up. 😏
  8. Straight people check in on Sunday and the kids get right into the pool, completely unaware that the water their 7 year old is sucking in through her snorkel may contain some additional ingredients. 💦😳
  9. The bathroom at the pool could itself be described accurately as a pool. So wear flip flops. 🌊🚽
  10. Inevitably someone who isn’t your type will latch on to you. The pool is huge and full of bears to flirt with and hide behind, so use this to your advantage to escape. 😎
  11. Don’t use the lobby bathroom at the hotel. 💩😖

I’m Not Strong Enough

I want to read every article and consume all the media surrounding the Orlando massacre but my soul isn’t strong enough. A simple scan of my Facebook newsfeed brings me so close to tears that I must utilize every cell in my body to push the emotions away. I must lock those feelings away because I’m not strong enough to begin to unpack them. I need to make jokes and use humor to disassociate and numb everything I’m afraid to feel. I’m not strong enough to read articles about a victim who texted his mom good bye because he knew he was about to die. I’m not strong enough for that level of heartbreak. So many people have to said so many eloquent things but I have to stop reading them. My soul is fragil and avoidance feels like the only option. I’m not strong enough. 

Filter Unfollow Unfriend

Over the weekend we were all shocked and horrified to hear about the shootings in Orlando. As the deadliest shooting in modern American history it’s a subject too serious and complex for me to tackle and I’d rather not focus on my sadness and rage. The more manageable subject I will tackle is how to deal with these things on Facebook. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of never ending repetitive content especially when major news events occur. Pointing fingers and trying to get everyone else to change their Facebook habits is an effort in futility. I prefer to look at ways in which I can improve myself and lead by example. 

Filter. Everything we post doesn’t have to be seen by everyone we know. Create separate Facebook friend lists to filter who sees what you post. If you want to share a great article about gay rights stop and consider that if you’re seeing it on Facebook it probably means most of your gay friends have also seen it. If you have filtered lists you can easily share it with the people who you think are less informed or have less access to this type of information. We all want to share information but the trouble is that we all have that same instinct which can lead to a newsfeed that is over saturated with constant repetition of the same headlines. A story shared once or twice can be informative. A story shared 7 or 8 times causes me to close Facebook and ignore it all. Don’t preach to the choir. Preach to the people who need to hear it. 

Unfollow. It’s impossible to control what people post but you can filter what you see. We all have friends that are wonderful people in real life but totally overbearing on Facebook. Whether its elections coverage or minute by minute updates about a tragedy these friends want to get the word out. I often need to take a step back and realize this information is important even though there might be too much of it. Clearly this is what interests them and there’s no use trying to squash their passion. Instead tap the unfollow button to make your newsfeed a more enjoyable experience. You still have access to all their information it’s just hidden until you purposely go and seek it out. This is the quickest and easiest solution. 

Unfriend. There’s a point when being Facebook friends isn’t worth the headache. After the attack at Pulse I saw an Orlando friend make an emotional anti-gun post. He received a paragraph long comment from someone in support guns. While reading through the argument that ensued my first thought was, why is he friends with this person? Seriously, what value does this person add to his life? Everyone has the right to their own opinion and regardless of my stance on guns there is the simple subject of the basic lack decency and tact in this situation that I can’t wrap my head around. Being pro-guns is one thing but getting into a Facebook argument with a friend who’s just had an attack on his community a mere hours ago is another. Have the grace to know when it’s time to be quiet. For example, if you saw someone post about his cousin dying in a car accident I would hope you would have enough awareness not make comments questioning her driving ability. Even if her driving was the cause of the accident this is not the time or place to discuss it. For those people who don’t have that awareness the unfriend button is the perfect solution. Unfriending is simple and freeing.