RuPaul’s Drag Race Finale

1. Congrats Bob the Drag Queen for a well performed season. 

2. I like Kim Chi’s “Fat Fem and Asian” song the best of the three however I hope they eliminate the lip syncs from next year’s show. 

3. Naomi Smalls I’m sorry to say had the worst initial look. The green latex dress was kind of fun but the hair and makeup were atrocious. Princess Leis hair and crazy over drawn lips… No me gusta. 

4. I was honestly surprised to see that Carol Channing is still alive. Great seeing her message to Bob. 

5. What the hell was with Naomi’s video message from Lena Headey? Clearly they tried to get Naomi Champbell but she said no. There weren’t other supermodels available. I like Cersei but it just felt like it was from left field. 

6. What was going on with Katya’s outfit when she came out for Ms. Congeniality? I feel like there was a bigger joke or story that we missed. Barefoot?

7. I loved Thorgy’s look and it was cool to hear here play the violin. 

8. Violet Chachki stole the entire show when she walked out to present the crown. That gown and head piece were AMAZING. She totally proved she deserved to win. 

9. If you look on YouTube there was a lot of footage cut out of the show. Great videos include Trixie Mattel confronting Acid Betty, a performance from the House of Edwards, and runway walks from past season queens. 

10. Final thoughts. I liked season 8. It was so much better than season 7 although it felt much shorter. When I look back at all the seasons in comparison to the rest it falls right in the middle of the pack. Everyone was likable and talented but there weren’t as many memorable moments as there could have been. 

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