An Open Letter to Tina Fey

Dear Tina Fey,

You are a national treasure because your work is always intelligent and funny. I enjoyed you on SNL but like most I didn’t really fall in love until 30 Rock. The night cheese world of Liz Lemon was the best kind of comedy. The intelligently written episodes never got too high brow and the silliness was never lost. When I listened to your book Bossy Pants on a road trip to Houston I ascended to a new level of joy. Since then I’ve re-listened to it too many times to count. While awards are often trivial and biased you definitely haven’t won enough of them. Regardless of what else is said please know that I want to personally thank you for all you’ve done. SNL, 30 Rock, Bossy Pants, Golden Globes host, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt have all been wonderful.

Watching the second season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is actually what inspired this letter. I deeply loved the first season so when season 2 premiered I binge watched the whole thing that first weekend. I really enjoyed it as a whole although it didn’t quit live up to my expectations. I assume you’re probably starting to prepare for season 3 and I thought this would be a good opportunity to give you my perspective as a viewer. Don’t worry this is not going to dissolve into a total bitch and moan session. Like I said I really did like the season however I just think there are some minor changes that could be made. I’ll start by focusing on what I loved and what I’d like to see more of. Anna Camp as the hyper competitive rival mom Deirdre was hilarious. Please bring her back?! Also your alcoholic doctor Andrea Bayden was a perfect fit for the show. The contrast between her daytime and nighttime personas was hilarious. However one thing I would have preferred was that both characters got more screen time consistently throughout the season rather being just a few episodes at the beginning or end. Deirdre for example was used a lot in the beginning but then both her and Jacqueline seemed to be forgotten by episode 7. Jacqueline’s storyline needs to be addressed too. I appreciate her character arch of trying to find humanity and get out of her ‘rich wife’ bubble but now that she’s done that it’s time for her to go back to being rich and crazy. The wonderful dynamic between her outlandish life as compared to Kimmy’s was very entertaining. For all of season 2 I kept wanting Jacqueline to go back to the way she used to be. The other character that needs some tweaking is Titus’ boyfriend Mikey. First of all I need to acknowledge what a wonderful fully realized character Titus is. Everything about him is brilliant. Mikey however falls a little flat. I love the idea of his character but he comes off as a bit two dimensional especially when compared to Titus. I’d definitely want him to come back for season 3 but maybe he needs to be given more of a personality and backstory to fill him out.

In conclusion, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a great show that I’ll continue to re-watch over and over again. I’m just asking for Jacqueline to get rich, Mikey to get a well rounded personality, and Andrea and Deirdre to return. I hope this unsolicited advice helps because I’m obviously a television expert. (I’m kidding) Otherwise keep winning at life like you always have and letting us the public benefit from your wisdom.


The Gay Gasp

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