RuPaul’s Drag Race S8 E9

1. I’ve never been happier to be wrong. I’m pumped Kimchi is in the top 3. 

2. Why didn’t they show us actual clips from the video? It was as if it had nothing to do with the actual final decision. 

3. Random observation: RuPaul just released an album in March called Butch Queen. However the song The Realness is off her March 2015 album. I wonder why they didn’t plan better and do a song from the new album. 

4. Where was the Tic Tac heart to heart lunch with Ru? It was cheesy but I enjoyed it. 

5. Bob and Naomi dropped the ball for their ‘best drag’ and looked boring. Bob’s makeup was a mess as well. 

6. Chi Chi was a kind and funny queen but her talent was not up to par with everyone else’s. I liked her but I agree that she deserved to go home. 

7. Who will win Ms. Congeniality? Thorgy? Chi Chi? Or Reddit fav Cynthia Lee Fonatin?

8. The winner finds out at the same time as we do. The finale will be taped May 10th in Los Angeles. In order to avoid spoilers they actually tape 3 different endings with each of the queens winning. That’s why the winners never cry or get overly emotional. It’s all an act done tree times over. 

9. Although Naomi is a fan favorite online, I think the real battle is between Bob and Kim. I can see it going either way. For the finale Bob needs to pull out a legit polished  look with excellent makeup and Kim needs to work on her performance ability especially if they follow last year’s model and each do an individual song. 

10. This season reminds me of season 6 when I really didn’t dislike any of the top 3. While I really want Kim Chi to win, I honestly won’t mind if Bob or Naomi takes the crown. They each have legitimate talent. 

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