Kimchi With A Glass of Lemonade

There have been several stories that have caught my attention recently so I thought it was a good time for a news update. 

RuPaul will announce the top 3 on Monday’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race and I’m not looking forward to it. I hate to admit it but all signs point to Kim Chi going home. I’m not going on inside information just the basic facts of the show. Next week’s episode will be the one where they shoot the music video for RuPaul’s latest single. That means it’s a performance challenge where the queen’s dancing and lip syncing abilities will be tested. Unfortunately those are all of Kim’s weaknesses and I don’t see any of the other girls doing bad enough to justify going home over her. Chi Chi and Bob are proven performers so this challenge is in their favor. Naomi is the wild card but she’s been improving by leaps and bounds every episode so she’s got a lot of fight left in her. I hope I’m wrong and Kim surprises me with great dance skills or one of the other queens makes an unexpected mistake. Side note: I find it very interesting that they haven’t released the preview/commercial for next week’s episode yet. 

Beyonce is the queen of media manipulation. I’m just as fascinated by Becky with the good hair as she wanted me to be. The rumors about Rachel Roy have been a smoldering fire ever since the elevator incident. Now with Roy’s clap back “Good hair don’t care” she basically added a gallon of kerosene to the flames. In the ultimate power move Beyonce has even started selling shirts that read “Boycott Beyonce.” I love it!  However I’ve gotta wonder if this is all a huge made up scandal created just to suck us all in. I mean Roy’s response was so quick and perfect that you can almost imagine there are a team of directors and writers somewhere orchestrating the whole thing a la Wag the Dog. Side note, I’ll still don’t care enough to download Tidal. 

Hamilton: I was listening to the podcast My Brother My Brother and Me’s 300th episode and they had former guests leave congratulatory messages. I was shocked to hear one of the messages was from Hamilton creator Lin Manuel Miranda. I adored him before and this only adds bonus points to his already perfect score. In the message I was surprised to hear him mention of his Brazilian husband. Looking back at it I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that a musical theater creator is gay but I honestly never thought about it. All I can say is that I’m super pumped to have him on our team.

How has the Dennis Hastert story not gotten more attention? I’ve seen a few articles here and there but when a former Speaker of the House admits to being a child molester it should be on the cover of every paper. Jared from fucking Subway was a bigger story. WTF?! Situations like this make me realize how shitty our news media has become. 

I’m starting to despise the Huffington Post app. For one thing 85% of it is made up of crazy op ed pieces that are passed off as legitimate news. I’m getting tired of reading the opinions of nonsense people with no more authority on the subject than you or I. Secondly have you ever notice that the app itself will randomly switch you over to the App Store while you’re in the middle of reading an article? It’s happened several times when my hands are nowhere near the screen so this is not a case of accidentally tapping an add. I haven’t deleted it yet but the time is coming. 

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