RuPaul’s Drag Race S8 E8

1. Finally Derrick is gone! Bye gurl. 

2. Chi Chi cracked me up during the puppet mini challenge. “Joke joke joke purse first. Joke joke joke purse first.”

3. I loved Naomi’s brutally honest conversations with Derrick in the work room. I totally agree with what she said. My favorite part was when she said, “Really? Has no one ever told you this before?”

4. Kim Chi also nailed it by calling out Bob on her makeup. Everyone was thinking it. 

5. Kim ruled the runway and had my favorite look in every category. Her Mama Realness look was my favorite or the night. David Sedaris had it right when he noticed the sad disconnected performance as a metaphor for the relationship. Honorable mention goes to Naomi and Chi Chi for their Eleganza Extravaganza looks. 

6. When Bob walked out in her Mama Realness look it seemed like she stole Chi Chi’s awful presidential look. 

7. Bob was in the bottom two simply because he was the worst of the best. 

8. This season has been filled with surprising upsets and I was preparring myself for Derrick to somehow win. Thank god that didn’t happen. 

9.  Bob did a much better job lip syncing then I expected. She legitimately won that one and was giving me Ditta Ritz realness. Props to Bob. 

10.  The final 3 will all depend on next week’s challenge. An acting or dance challenge will favor Bob and Chi Chi where as a fashion challenge will favor Naomi and Kim. 

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