RuPaul’s Drag Race S8 E7

1. As soon as the episode opened with Thorgy saying “Derrick and Chi Chi are next to go” I knew she was on the chopping block. She was my favorite and will surely be missed. 

2. I’ll give her credit Chi Chi had a better lip sync. I think everyone knew as soon as the music started that Thorgy was going home. 

3. I didn’t think Derrick’s add was funny. I would’ve judged everyone individually and put her in the bottom two instead of Thorgy. (Chi Chi would’ve still won the lip sync)

4.  I wish the queens that are left were more well rounded (like Thorgy). Bob is funny but her looks aren’t polished. Kim Chi has stunning makeup but moves awkwardly. Naomi has her look down but lack a strong personality. Chi Chi can perform but also lacks polished looks. Derrick is just basic on all levels. I think back to Bianca and even though her strength was comedy she always had a well made polished look. It wasn’t always the most original but it always looked well done. 

5. This season seems to one where good queens are going home unusually early. Acid Betty, Thorgy, and even Robbie Turner still deserve to be around. 

6. Episode 7 was the flashback episode. It can also be called the “It was done better that other time” episode. The runway was inspired by Detox and no one on the runway did it better than her. Naomi was paying homage to Raven which I appreciate but how about you come up with an original look? Chi Chi’s performance was very reminiscent of Latrice Royale’s version of Natural Woman and Latrice did it first and better. 

7. Everyone I assumed was going to be in the top 3 is going home so I’ve decided to readjust my strategy. My top 3 prediction is: Derrick, Chi Chi, and Naomi. 

8. I don’t really expect her to win but I’m on Kim’s team.  Like Thorgy, she’s one of the few left that I can’t compare to a past queen. A true original. 

9. I’m obviously going to still watch the rest of season 8 but to be honest I really don’t care now that Thorgy is gone. 

10. Like everyone I have my biases so I was curious too see what other people thought. Here’s a look at who’s got the most followers on Instagram: 

  • 248k Kimchi 
  • 151k Bob the Drag Queen
  • 119k Thorgy Thor
  • 110k Naomi Smalls
  • 82k Derrick Berry
  • 46.8k Chi Chi Devayne 

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