Throwback Thursday: RuPaul’s Drag Race

Season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race began with a casting special featuring audition videos from all of the chosen queens along with many who had been passed over. It’s was kind of like Ru’s version of the auditions on Anerican Idol. There are tons of crazy audition tapes from people you’ve never heard of but what’s fascinating is that there are a few faces you’ll defiantly recognize.

I wish I could provide you a link to watch the episode for free but it seems like World of Wonder has pulled all free versions from the internet. It appears to only be available for purchase on sites like iTunes. Not to worry, I took the time to take screen shots of all the girls who weren’t picked for season 3 but went on to later glory. 

1. Alaska. (She’s the unofficial star of season three’s Casting Extravaganza showing up multiple times.)


2. Dax Exclamationpoint 


3. Chad Michaels 


4. Mrs. Kasha Davis 


5. Detox 


6. Jasmine Masters


7. Thorgy 

8. Katya 



Pay for and watch Season 3 Episode 1 on iTunes, Amazon, or YouTube. 

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