RuPaul’s Drag Race S8 E6


1. I unfollowed the RPDR sub Reddit because their predictions were too accurate and I didn’t want to spoil future episodes. They correctly predicted Acid Betty’s departure weeks in advance. 

2. I wish Ru’s runway look was Wizard of Oz inspired. 

3. Naomi Small nailed this challenge at a very pivotal point in the competition. Both the looks she made were fierce!

4. Kim’s look was great but I didn’t get Wicked Witch from it at all. 

5. RuPaul always has her favorites and it’s obvious Chi Chi is one of them. She should’ve been in the bottom two. 

6. Bob’s look had nothing to do with Glenda The Good Witch. Basic as fuck. 

7. Robbie Turner is talented but very inconsistent. Plus it looked like she just redesigned Kim’s look from episode 1. 

8. I think overall Derrick is terrible but she totally won that lip sync. However she lucked out with the song choice. I suspect an older song or one that wasn’t as high energy would’ve sent her packing. 

9. What the fuck was the point of that interpretive dance number?! There has to be some behind the scenes scoop. 

10. (Updated) Top 3 prediction is: Kim Chi, Bob the Drag Queen, and Thorgy. Naomi and Chi Chi both have a shot at 4th place but it all comes down to whether the next few challenges will be acting or fashion themed. 

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