RuPaul’s Drag Race S8E5

Snatch Game!

1. Why didn’t Naomi Smalls do Whoopi Goldberg from the Color Purple like she planned? Bob didn’t do Sister Act Whoopi so there wasn’t any conflict.

2. Chi Chi was hilarious as Earths Kit. She definitely deserved to be in the top 3. She reminds me a lot of Adore Delano: cheep trashy looks but loads of charm and personality.

3. What was Acid Betty doing? She’s always so polished but as Nancy Grace she looked like a trainwreck. That hair, that makeup?! Get it together.

4. I’m starting to warm up to Robbie even though her Dianna Vrreeland was awful. She redeemed herself on the runway though as a Rockford Peach.

5. Bob The Drag Queen was much funnier as Carol Channing. Good choice to switch. She also had my favorite Madonna look on the runway.

6. Derrick Berry as Britney was mediocre at best. However he was saved because there were several worse characters. Also Tatianna did it better during season 2.

7. As a whole this Snatch Game felt lack luster.

8. 4 kimonos?! What the fuck? Thorgy did it best. Kim’s was beautiful but not Madonna enough. Derrick had shitty makeup and hair and Naomi wasn’t actually wearing a kimono. That was just underwear and a robe.

9. I wish Acid Betty had shown more emotion on the runway. Her “too cool for school” attitude came off like she didn’t care either way.

10. Fun Fact: Jinx Monsoon is the only Snatch Game winner to go on to win the entire show.

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