RuPaul’s Drag Race S8E2


1. Thorgy Thor is fast becoming my favorite.

2. Acid Betty is clearly this season’s much needed villain or at least shit stirrer. Thank god! Hopefully we’ll avoid the blandness of season 7.

3. I love how much truth Thorgy was throwing about Acid Betty in the one on one interview. “She’s in Brooklyn because no one will work with her in Manhattan.”

4. During the group performance, Chi Chi’s team legitimately did a great job. I genuinely enjoyed watching them and that’s saying a lot for those contrived dance numbers. They made the Cynthia’s group look that much worse.

5. Derrick Berry basically has to do Britney for Snatch Game. I’ll be amazed if he can pull off pretty and funny. I don’t think he’s got enough personality to do it.

6. Bob The Drag Queen’s look needs some polishing. Does she even wear makeup beyond lipstick?

7. Chi Chi reminds me of Adore Delano. Her thrift store style might not be up to par but she’s got plenty of charm and charisma.

8. How is it that Kim Chi’s look is so amazing but she can’t walk in high heals?! I don’t want her to go home but I’d be curious to see her lip sync for her life.

9. Will the judges ever see Acid Betty’s bitch side or will it stay all in the work room?

10. RuPaul was 100% correct to send both those boring bitches home.


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