A Guide to RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8


Am I having deja vu? Here’s a breakdown of Drag Race season 8. It seems everything that’s old is new again.

Bob the Drag Queen = Latrice Royale + Pandora Box

Kim Chi = Jujubee + Trixie Mattel

Acid Betty = Nina Flowers + Detox

Derrick Berry = Courtney Act + Chad Michaels

Thorgy Thor = Katya + Yara Sofia

Naomi Smalls = Carmen Carrera + Tyra Sanchez

Cynthia Lee Fontaine = Joslyn Fox + Alexis Mateo

Chi Chi Devayne = Jaidynn Diore Fierce + LaShawn Beyond

Dax Exclamation Point = Miss Fame + Safara Davenport

Laila McQueen = Ivy Winters + The Princess

Robbie Turner = Tempest Dujour + Mrs. Kasha Davis

Naysha Lopez = Alisa Summers + Mariah



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