Growlr Do’s and Don’t During TBRU


Growlr etiquette while at the biggest bear run.

  • Do: Put yourself out there and talk to new people
  • Don’t get butt hurt when your Tumble crush doesn’t instantly fall in love with you

You should always put yourself out there and talk to new people because confidence is a very underrated attribute. However just because you send him a message saying Hello doesn’t mean that he owes you a response. If he doesn’t respond take the hint and move on. Continuing to pester him with messages only makes you look crazy. No response = not interested.

  • Do: Block People
  • Don’t send out a flash.

During TBRU there will be hundreds of bears within walking distance. Use blocks strategically to eliminate the unwanted and make room for new faces. Block the pests who won’t get the hint or the guys who never respond. When it comes to flashes I always assume the person is either drunk, high, or desperate. The truth is probably some combination of the three.

  • Do pay for a Growlr pro membership
  • Don’t waste time looking for a husband

As I said there will be more bears within walking distance than you’ll ever see at home. Paying the extra money for is definitely worth it. With that said use the extra features for for fun and flirting. Looking for a husband at a bear run is as smart as looking for a vegan at a pig roast.

  • Do: Be unique when sending a message
  • Don’t rely on generic Woofs

Sending generic woofs might get you some attention but you also run the risk of getting lost in the sea of woofs. Be unique and don’t rely too heavily on those pre-typed messages to do the talking for you. Only the hottest of the hotties can get away with be boring. The rest of us need personality. Think of it this way: do you complain about too many messages or too few messages? If you’re in the later group like me than it’s time to pull out your creativity, uniqueness, nerve and talent.  Oh and if you’re in the first group complaining about too many messages than you can completely ignore this entire post.

  • Do: Choose a clear flattering profile pic.
  • Don’t wear sunglasses and a hat in your main pic.

When selecting a profile picture remember these important tips: Show your face, keep it clear and close, and shirtless always helps. If your face is covered by a hat and sunglasses then I assume you have something to hide. Oh and by the way, all pictured should be less than 5 years old.

  • Do: Use Growlr as a tool to meet new people.
  • Don’t rely solely on it for the success of your weekend.

Growlr is a great tool to meet and hook up with people but it should not be your only tool. Flirting in person is a dying art. Don’t forget to get out and meet people in person. It’s easy to fall into a rut and get stuck up your room staring at your phone all day. That will only cause a downward spiral. If you stay busy and supplement your day with Growlr guys I promise you’ll have a better weekend then the letting your thirst get the better of you.

  • Do: Have X-rated private pictures
  • Don’t waste my time with five Facebook friendly photos.

Seriously, this isn’t Rupaul’s best friend race. Get naked or get away from me.

3 thoughts on “Growlr Do’s and Don’t During TBRU

  1. Actually, the person on the receiving end of those multiple ‘hey’ message is, IMHO, kind of an asshole for not taking the 2 seconds to write something like ‘sorry, not interested’ or maybe even something nicer such as ‘thanks for your message but you’re not my type’.


    1. From personal experience, no matter how nice you try to be, the other party can still get ugly about being rejected and resort to some nasty trolling. It’s a very Damned if you do and damned if you don’t scenario.


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