The Story of Hillary and Bernie

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks at a rally in Hollywood

The presidential race has just began and if you’re like me you’re already sick of it. It’s a tight race all around and I wanted to share my observations of the race so far. I have a strong preference for one candidate but I’m going to try and write this from a neutral point of view.

  1. I read a quote that perfectly sums up the democratic race, “Sanders sells idealism. Clinton sells pragmatism.”
  2. I think many Democrats are a little drunk off the success of the last 8 years with Obama. Regardless of who we support we shouldn’t go into this elections assuming Republicans will lose.
  3. The tight race between Clinton and Sanders will only strengthen them for a general election.
  4. I can’t decide if it’s smart or stupid of Clinton’s campaign to not focus on her possibly being the first female president.
  5. Bernie Sanders has been a life long Independent. I wonder why he didn’t run as a third party candidate?
  6. Clinton needs more of Sanders’ idealism.
  7. Sanders has done a great job of inspiring young optimistic voters much like Obama did on 2008.
  8. Both Iowa and New Hampshire are very white states. I’m curious to see primary results from states that have more diverse populations.
  9. I wish there could be a combined Republican and Democrat debate now. I think it would be a great indicator of who would do well in the general election.
  10. It feels like the narrative of the campaign so far has been one where everyone attacks Clinton while she defends herself.
  11. I don’t fault a politician for changing his or her mind.
  12. I predict the primary will be very close up until the end and everything will come down to the Super Delegates. Trust me it’s a term we’re going to hear a lot about this summer.
  13. All the infighting between Clinton and Sanders supporters needs to stop. Reality check, you’re going to vote Democrat no matter who’s name is there. Are you really gonna vote or Ted Cruz?



P. S.

To help avoid the over saturation of the election coverage I’m going to make it a point to not make any more election themed posts until a candidate is chose in July.

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