Movie Review: Carol

The movie Carol tells the story of an upper class housewife who falls for a young shop girl in the 1950s. Directed by Todd Haynes, the movie is beautifully shot and gorgeous to look at. The actual plot of the movie is lacking in emotion. Like a beautiful  faberge egg the exterior is gorgeous but there is nothing inside. I’m assuming that Haynes wanted to avoid the the cliché movie trope of star crossed gay lovers and instead create more of a classic love story because for a period gay drama there is surprisingly few hurdles. When Blanchet’s title character meets Therese (played by Mara) she is already separated from her husband and he already knows she’s a lesbian. There is the expected fight between Carol and her husband and battles over divorce and custody play out in the background of the love affair. The acting is top notch and as expected Cate Blanchet nails the role but it feels like a character she’s already played. She is the perfect repressed upper middle class white woman. All the emotions are so quiet and subtle that the characters are left feeling a little cold. Overall I lacked any real care or concern for anyone in the movie. What struggles did exist were not enough to make me root for either Carol or Therese. In conclusion Carol is pretty and well acted but lacks an emotional touchstone.

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