I Might Skip (Not Boycott) This Year’s Oscars


I love award shows. Some would even call me an award show geek. As any award show geek knows the Academy Awards, aka the Oscars, are the Super Bowl of award shows. Having been a super fan for decades, Oscar trivia takes up endless amounts of valuable real estate in my brain. For example, former Nine Inch Nails rocker Trent Reznor is also an Oscar winner. Obviously I’ve never missed a telecast along with all the red carpet coverage. For many years I’ve even woken up at the crack of dawn just to watch the nominations be announced. Basically I love the Oscars.

2016 is different though. For the first time I’m not making it a priority to watch the Oscars and I might even skip them all together. Like last year this year’s show is once again being criticized for a lack of diversity in the nominees. While that criticism is very justified it has nothing to do with my lack of desire to watch the show. This year there is no single movie or single person that I am really rooting for. I’m not skipping the Oscars in order to make some grand statement I’m skipping the Oscars because I think they’re going to be boring and predictable. Basically I just don’t care.

Basic logic reasons that there’s a natural ebb and flow and every year won’t be a great one for movies. However there has always been one or two bright spots that have pulled me in and gotten my excitement going. For example 2014 wasn’t the most exciting year for movies however I loved the Imitation Game and the Grand Budapest Hotel so I was excited to see if they won or lost. 2011 was another lack luster year but I was so excited to see Meryl Streep win for The Iron Lady that I again I had to tune in. This year however I can’t seem to find much excitement for any of the nominees. I mean does anyone really want to see the Revenant? The only movie I really enjoyed was The Martian and while I do love Matt Damon I don’t think he or the movie will win and honestly I’m not heartbroken about that. My prediction for Oscar night: Chris Rock will make a bunch of diversity jokes, Leo will finally get his Oscar and the telecast will get some of it’s lowest ratings ever. Yawn.

I should mention that before the nominations were announced I was hopeful that there would be a couple nods for movies I was rooting for. I really wanted Tangerine to get some love. While I wasn’t expecting a Best Picture nomination, I was hoping it would get an acting or writing nod. The movie shot completely on an iPhone is the story of two Trans sex workers in LA and it’s one of the funnest and most unique movies I’ve seen in a while. When Tangerine lost out on nomination day my excited lost my excitement too. Regardless of awards I still highly recommend that everyone watch Tangerine on Netflix. As for the Oscars, whether I watch or not will probably come down to what else is available. Best case scenario is I can DVR them so I can watch and fast forward the next day.


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