7 Dirty Secrets


The gay community spent decades fighting for equality which meant we had to put our best face forward. Each of us were our own community representatives whenever we were the lone gay amongst a sea of straight people. At some point we’ve all given a mini speech about how deep down we’re all the same and we all just want love and acceptance blah blah blah. In order to get equal rites as a community we had to present the best of ourselves as if we were all on one big job interview.

However it’s totally different when it’s just us guys. These not so politically correct dirty secrets are part of the secret handshake of being gay. Keep in mind we’d deny everything if a Republican politician found out. While not every dirty secret applies to every guy, every guy can identify with at least one secret.


1. Sex with a married man is hot. Very hot.

It’s a dirty little secret that most of us won’t admit to our straight gal pals. The fantasy is so strong that we never consider or care about the possible heartbreak of the woman at home. For example if I saw a hot married guy out with his wife and then he started hitting on me at the urinal I wouldn’t think twice before wrapping my lips around his lollipop even though his wife was just outside.


married man

2. Cum is delicious.

Spitters really are quitters. The best part of giving a wonderful blow job is a throat filled with tasty cum.




3. Bareback porn is better than safe sex porn.

I don’t remember the last time I got off watching safe sex porn. In fact I can’t even remember the last time I saw safe sex porn in my Tumblr news-feed. We can all spout all the safe sex talk we want but when it comes to other people’s bodies on a computer screen we want them bareback and cum hungry.



4. All gay men of a certain age have had a prison sex fantasy involving Christopher Meloni.

Oz was basically well acted soft core porn brought to you by HBO.


5. We’ll have sex anywhere if the guy is hot enough.

The biggest factor in making a decision about public sex is how hot the guys is. In most cases it’s very easy to control yourself and say no because the guy is a troll. However if you were propositioned by strong man Eddie Hall you might quickly change your tune.



6. Daddy + son porn is a thing.

This is purely a porn fantasy and not one ever wanted in real life.



7. Steroids work.

Love em or hate em, that shit works.


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