In Memoriam

Saying goodbye to the things that need to stay in 2015.


1. Bye Felicia- What I loved once I’ve now grown to hate. It really was funny and awesome a couple years ago but that time has passed. All sassy slang jumps the shark at some point and Bye Felicia got there in 2015.

2. Phone Books- Seriously, why are these still a thing?

3. 80’s Theme Parties- The 80’s have officially been branded and repackaged into theme parties for the past 10 years. What was once a unique fun idea is now stale and trite.

4. Ex’s and Oh’s-Elle King’s catchy song was a big hit and got plenty of radio play. Add to that the fact that she’s Rob Schneider daughter and it’s the perfect recipe for a one hit wonder.  Thank you Elle. You’ve officially hit now please wonder away.

5. Dystopian Sci fi-The Hunger Games was a well made and hugely successful franchise. It even had a successful copy cat franchise with the Divergent movies. Now that Katniss has shot her final arrow can we all agree that this genre needs a break? The futuristic dystopian nightmare has cutting edge when George Orwell published his book in 1949. In 2015 it’s become a standard movie trope. Will someone please give science fiction a much needed new idea.

6. The Active Tops Picture/Joke-This joke was done to death then it’s dead body was dug up and it made the rounds on Facebook again. Let it rest in peace.


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