I’m Thankful For Mariah Carey


For Thanksgiving I’m thankful for the daaahling diva herself Mariah Carey.


6. Drag Race Logo- I suspect RuPaul got some inspiration for the logo of Drag Race from Mariah Carey’s drag race themed video for Loverboy. It was off the Glitter soundtrack so you probably missed it. .


5. Precious- Mariah Carey’s over the top glamour is well documented. Her name calls to mind images of gowns, champagne, and fur coats. However she surprised everyone when she stripped it all away to play a helpful social worker in the movie Precious. Her acting was quiet and believable. She didn’t try and steal any attention from the main character and she did her job so well that many people didn’t realize it was her.


4. That 5 Octave Rage– MC has done a lot to promote her diva persona so many people forget that she is incredibly gifted with real vocal talent. Having a 5 octave rage is a rare thing and she’s got it. Recently Adele was giving and interview and talking about trying to hit all her high notes during live performances. She acknowledged, “I can’t always do it ya know. I’m not Mariah.”


3. All I Want for Christmas Is You- Mariah Carey was the number one selling female artist of the 90s. (Sorry Madonna) That would be enough for most people but she also decided to release a new Christmas song amongst her other hits. It was a stunt no one had tried in decades. Not only was All I Want For Christmas Is You a great song but it also became an instant classic along side Little Drummer Boy and Noel.


2. We Belong Together– Easily my all time favorite Mariah Carey song. It was such a huge success that Billboard named it the #1 song of the decade (2000-2010). The original ballad is breathtaking and the remix is legendary. Also the shot of her from the video against the blue headboard will be etched in my brain forever.


1. “I don’t Know Her”- There is a legendary story about Mariah Carey’s dislike of Jennifer Lopez. This was years ago when JLo had first become famous and MC was asked about her in an interview. Rather than launch into a mean spirited tired of insults Carey decided to take a different route and simply reply, “I don’t know her.” This simple statement was the shaddiest of all shade. Mariah Carey was basically saying that she didn’t care about Lopez enough to bad mouth her and as we all know the opposite of love is apathy not hate. This idea has become one of the major foundation for my blog. The people who I truly despise are the ones I completely ignore. Recently MC addressed the issue saying that at the time she was just being honest and that she truly had never heard of Jennifer Lopez. I suspect she’s just trying to cover her tracks but I still love her for it whether it’s true or not. The next time you’re confronted with questions you don’t want to answer just remember, “I don’t know her.”


oh and she’s used the same avoidance tactic with other celebrities too…






Thank you Mariah for all the good music and for all your crazy antics.

For more MC check out the videos for:

We Belong Together

All I Want For Christmas Is You

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