30 Things Every Adult Should Know


Peter Pan syndrome is alive and well and it seems like no one really wants to grow up these days. I therefore find it very refreshing when a man isn’t afraid to grow up and act like an adult. Think of this as a checklist for life or at the very least a jumping off point for becoming an adult.

Every adult should know: 

  1. How to change a flat tire
  2. How to jump start a car
  3. How to tie a tie
  4. How to swim (i.e. not drown)
  5. How to iron a dress shirt or pants
  6. The name and location every US state on a map
  7. The name and location of every continent on a map
  8. How to hold a conversation with someone you just met
  9. The names of all the current Supreme Court Justices
  10. The names of the current President, Vice President, and Speaker of the House
  11. The name of the Governor of your state
  12. The significance of the number of stars and stripes on the US flag
  13. Who Harriet Tubman was
  14. The artist who painted the Sistine Chapel
  15. The artist who painted the Mona Lisa
  16. The name of at least one song by the Beatles
  17. Which entertainment genre matches up with The Emmys, The Oscars, The Grammys, and the Tonys
  18. What sport match up with The Super Bowl, The World Series, The Stanley Cup, and the World Cup
  19. How to calculate percentages (calculator allowed)
  20. Your blood type
  21. Your HIV status
  22. How to cook at least one full meal without looking at a recipe
  23. How to start a grill
  24. How to hang a framed picture on your wall
  25. How to do your own laundry
  26. How to sew on a button
  27. How to parallel park
  28. How to correctly lift weights
  29. How to enjoy a concert without watching it through the screen of your phone
  30. The difference between Facebook friends and real friends


*Items listen in purple are the items that I can’t do myself.


Picture courtesy of Curtis T.

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