A Growlr Social Experiment

200b6bbb2e484221f767acbffaeb7a35I love conducting my own mini social experiments. Recently I decided I wanted to see what it was like for all those guys who had no profile pictures on Growlr. I assumed they got little to no attention but I was curious to see if there was a secret underground world of pictureless chasers out there. Whenever I see a pictureless profile my first reaction is that they’re either married and closeted or young and inexperienced. With that in mind I realized there are also a lot of gay guys out there who love the inexperienced and closeted. Maybe the no pictures guys are getting more action that I think.

The social experiment was on and I took down all my pictures and wiped out any specific profile information. I didn’t lie I just kept it short and simple. After several days the result of my experiment were clear. At this point I’d love to tell you stories of the underground closeted daddy orgies I uncovered but sadly that’s not the case. My experiment went exactly as I originally expected and the only attention I got was a couple profile views from other guys without pictures. It’s true that for the most part everyone steers clear of profiles without pictures. So the story is that there really is no story.

However I did come across one unexpected side benefit. Having no profile picture eliminated all the messages I got. Generally the messages I get on Growlr are made up mostly by shouts and a few stray messages from polite men who I’m totally unattractive to. Bless their hearts, the few guys that message me are sweet but they’re just not my type. Additionally now that I’m in a relationship I’m not exactly searching out the hotties either. It doesn’t help that I hate making small talk with people I have no connection with so in general Growlr is just a way to look at pictures and profiles. Granted chatting with those few undesirables was only a minor announce but enough to make a difference. Having no profile picture totally eliminated the need for me to talk to anyone. It was kind of great. As long as I had the anonymous profile viewer switched on I could lurk around Growlr like a secret spy. Either way I put a picture back up and life has gone back to normal. Asexual chit chat and all. That’s not to say that I won’t go pictureless again in the future. It’s a fun little break every now and then.

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