Who’s Your Daddy?

1. Bubba Daddy:

Cigars, blue jeans, and the quiet no nonsense country life.


2. Wishlist Daddy:

He’s the ideal daddy you lust after even though he’s completely unattainable.


3. Hidden Door Daddy:

Trashy sex is easy in a back alley or in the corner of the bar. Anywhere anytime.


4. Santa Daddy:

His rosy cheeks are paired with a thick white beard. The twinkle in his eye reveals that he’s not as innocent as he seems.


5. Mr. Clean Daddy:

His bald head, silver go-tee, and bulging biceps are all he needs to get the job done.


6. The Classic Daddy:

His thick salt and pepper beard will go with everything occasion.


7. Flat Brim Daddy:

He might have some mileage on him but that doesn’t mean he can’t keep up with all the latest trends.


8. Huff and Puff Daddy:

Strong, dominant, and forceful. Don’t messy with him unless you want to be put in your place.


9. Boyfriend Daddy:

With his quiet and easy going nature he’ll bring his dog over for some Netflix and chill.


10. T Bone Daddy:

No neck and thickness everywhere. He’ll spot you for bench presses and give you the perfect view.


11. Paula Bunyan Daddy:

A lumber jack exterior with a lot of extra flair and flamboyance.


12. Next Door Daddy:

He’s a friendly guy with a stable job and your family will love him.


13. Daddy in Training:

A young cub that has all the makings of a strong confident daddy.





All photos courtesy of Tumblr

3 thoughts on “Who’s Your Daddy?

  1. Hello. I’d like to use daddy # 6 to illustrate the kind of daddy I’m looking for. I intend to post it on fetlife, a social networking site for lovers of BDSM. Can you tell me who holds the copyright to that picture?


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