Keep It Cute


Most people fall into one of three categories: Cute, Hot, or Sexy.

  • Cute is a quality that usually involves a friendly face and a likable personality. Even though you might not pick them out of the crowd first they are the people who you’ll go home remembering. Having as much to do with personality as it does physical attractiveness, cuteness generally lasts a long time.
  • Hot means exactly what you’d expect it does. Those people who are blessed with or who have spent a lifetime trying to achieve the perfect body. When you walk into a room they are the people who you will inevitable notice first. While they may have well-rounded personalities, most people only care about their looks.
  • Sexiness is when you have an incredibly strong attraction but you can’t exactly pinpoint why. In a lot of cases fetishes play a heavy part when determining if you think someone is sexy. I have a friend who is incredibly hairy and he often says that a lot of guys are very attracted to him just for that. Sexiness is an attraction at a very primal and chemical level. You might hate their personality and be embarrassed by them in public but despite it all you still want to rip their clothes off.

We all have our own preferences that determine the specifics of each quality so the details can change but the overall idea is always the same. It should be said that some people, the Beyonces of the world, are winners in all three categories. To them I say congratulations and they can treat themselves to an ice cream because they’re probably not going to identify with or understand anything else in this post.

We all get to that point in life when we have to take a hard look at ourselves and start accepting our strengths and weaknesses. I’m no different and I’m getting old enough mature enough to have a healthy perspective of myself. As I see it my strength is definitely cuteness because my personality is often what wins people over. I’m also lucky to have been given a classic bear face (bald with a beard) which is a good compliment to the sassy things I say. The big lesson I’ve learned recently is that I should stop trying to fight against my weaknesses. Basically that means I need to stop trying to be hot and sexy. It’s really a losing battle considering the plethora of legit super hotties that I’m surrounded with. I simply can’t complete with the gold medalists of hotness. I’ll have much more success completing in a different arena rather than going for a head to head match.

Cuteness is nothing to be ashamed of and my time would be better spent strengthening that. Basically I need to stay in my own lane and keep it cute. Rather than trying to be good in all three areas maybe I’ll be happier if I focus my energy toward being great in one. It’s going to be very hard because I’m in a community that puts tremendous value on hotness. Than again with everyone trying to be the hottest it means there will be a lot less competition for the cutest.




Because I’m the friendly approachable guy who knows the super hotties I’m often confronted by people asking things like, “Why won’t _____ ever respond to me on Growlr?” That’s always a fun dance of politeness versus truth.

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