5 Years of The Gay Gasp

 Today, October 5th 2015 marks the 5th anniversary of The Gay Gasp. I originally started this blog while working from home on a quiet Sunday afternoon. I wanted an outlet for all my thoughts and opinions and 5 years later I’m still going strong. At first I was going to use this post to talk about everything I’ve learned about blogging over the years but honestly no one would find that interesting. Instead I’m choosing to talk about everything I don’t talk about. The reason why vary as much as the subjects themselves.

I ignore things I hate especially when it comes to people. This is reserved for the very select few individuals who I truly detest. This approach was inspired by Mariah Carey who famously doesn’t like Jennifer Lopez. Obviously it’s a topic interviewers love to ask her about because it makes for juicy headlines. However Mariah has a clever trick to avoid trash talking her enemy. When asked about JLo she simply responds with, “Who? I’m sorry I don’t know who that is.” That’s genius! Mariah avoids looking like a bitter betty by not spewing nastiness in public and the media doesn’t get the much coveted cat fight headline. With that in mind I’ve taken a similar approach to the people I loathe. So far there’s really only one person on the list and while I wont mention his name I will say that his publicity stunt of a presidential campaign has been very interesting. I also can’t figure out if he’s doing it just because he’s a publicity seeking monster without a soul or if it’s a huge undercover conspiracy to destroy Republicans.

Hatred isn’t the only reason why I avoid topics. There are a few subjects that are so sensitive that it would be inappropriate for me to comment on. The most notable subject is AIDS. It’s one of those very serious issues that bring with it and understandable amount of emotion and gravity. As someone who is currently negative I feel that any opinions I have would not be well received simply because of my lack of experience. It’s similar to when old male politicians try to tell women what to do with their bodies or when white people complain about racism. The views or criticisms might be valid but the message is lost due to the presentation. So while I have the right to my opinions that doesn’t mean they need to be put into print. Some of my views might be considered controversial and unlike that unnamed reality stars politician above I’m not trying to piss off the whole world just for attention. My ideal situation would be to have a HIV positive guest writer who’d be willing to share their story. It’s a topic I find very interesting especially since not many people ever discuss the details of how they got infected or how they found out. My personal experience  with all of this is purely from an outsiders perspective so any public comments should remain polite and beige.

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