Random Thoughts From A Public Bathroom


  1. How does that one pube always make it to the top of the urinal?
  2. I should invest in American Standard.
  3. FYI I assume you’re hitting on me if you choose the spot next to me when all others are open.
  4. Have you ever noticed some guys have the same bathroom schedule as you at work?
  5. I like having dividers between urinals so I’m not tempted to peek.
  6. I’m always impressed with a guy when he has one of those minute long fire hydrant pisses.
  7. Please don’t moan. It’s awkward for everyone.
  8. Although recommended by dentists, it’s weird when you see someone brushing their teeth.
  9. Why are the latches on stalls so flimsy?
  10. I want a urinal at home.
  11. I love reading bathroom graffiti and am consistently amazed at how many people have sharpies on hand.

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