The Return of Fashion Police

fashion-police-featured1In the past I’ve talked at length about how much I loved Joan River and Fashion Police. The first reincarnation of the show after Joan’s death ended in an outrage movement style mini-scandal. I respect their need to change-up the show but that first attempt obviously didn’t work. While Kathy Griffin never seemed comfortable she was hardly the only one at fault. When the “weed and patchouli” scandal happened I got the sense that certain cast members over did the drama just as an excuse to leave the show.

After a long hiatus and some retooling the show is back. Much to my surprise most of the changes have brought it closer to what the original show was. Joan’s daughter Melissa has taken over as host and she brings and undeniable familiarity with her. Along for the ride with Melissa are Brad and Giuliana. Instead of hiring another comedian to replace Joan they have instead decided to have the last two chairs filled by rotating special guests. The guest hosts so far have been Nene Leaks and Lisa Rena. Margaret Cho has also been on the panel for two episodes and she is awesome. Unexpectedly she is the say-anything funny girl we hoped Kathy Griffin would be. She’s not a permanent host however and I think that’s a good move. There’s no rush and I like the idea of Fashion Police trying out a wide variety of people similar to how Kelly Ripa replaced Regis Philbin.

I’m super excited that Fashion Police is back and it feels just like the old show I fell in love with. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite shows again. Thank you Melissa for your hard work. It’s much appreciated.

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