If I Won the Lotto: Car Edition

Like everyone I often dream about winning the big lotto jackpot. If it ever happens I have my immediate plan all worked out. The very first thing I would do is get on a plane and go away on vacation for a least a week or two while I get all my shit figured out. Upon my return one of the very first things I would buy is a car. I like my car now but I’d want to upgrade to something newer and flashier. With that said, I’d probably only buy one car. I really don’t see the need for multiples especially because I’m not really a “car guy” myself. I’ve narrowed it down to these four finalists and ranked them below. FYI: All vehicles are pictured in the exact color I would want.

MINI-Countryman-2014-01 lexus volvo nissan

  1. Mini Countryman– I always tend to gravitate toward medium and smaller vehicles. A huge oversized gas guzzler just isn’t appealing to me. I love Minis but the 2 door Cooper is just a little too tiny for me. I love the Countryman because it still has all the charm of the Cooper but in a larger 4 doors package. Cute, fun, and sporty. Lotto or no lotto this is my current dream car.
  2. Lexus CT– I love a hatch back. Of course now they’re called Crossover vehicles or hybrids but it’s still the same concept. This car is near and dear to my heart because it’s basically the luxury version of the Toyota Matrix I have now. I grew up in a Toyota family and if I ever wanted a luxury car Lexus is the most logical step. I genuinely like this car and I guess it’s not a big surprise since I’m on my second Matrix. Clearly I have an affinity for this body style.
  3. Volvo S60– There’s something about a Volvo that has always said understated sophistication to me. I love that you can always recognize a Volvo’s distinctive look even though it’s not very flashy. They also have incredibly high safety records. If I was ever going to buy a traditional sedan (money being no object) it would be a Volvo.
  4. Nissan Murano– I included the Murano because it’s really the only SUV that I would ever really consider buying. I don’t dislike the idea of an SUV but there really has never been one that has appealed to me other than the Murano. I’ll call this the wild card entry.

2 thoughts on “If I Won the Lotto: Car Edition

  1. I like the Murano a lot too. I went to buy one in 2008 – didn’t have enough money so I ended up with a Nissan Rogue instead. It’s basically a mini Murano, but it’s no substitute. The Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid will be my next car, I think.


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