How To Make An Ordinary Picture Extraordinary


This picture could have been a forgettable shot but by paying attention to the details this gentleman has made it extraordinary.

  • Focusing on his assets: His fuzzy legs are extremely sexy and definitely worth a closeup. Those thick thighs and meaty calves are drool inducing.
  • Looking behind him: I seriously want those hardwood floors in my house. The shelves are clutter free and the bed is made. Even the mirror doesn’t magnify any hidden messes. A clean room in underrated and not even his missing pants are in sight. (I’m guessing it’s a hotel)
  • The clothing accentuates and does not distract: His socks are clean and white with no visible holes. His underwear is snug without being too tight and they perfectly present his package while highlighting his thick thighs. Not to be forgotten, his tee-shirt is absolutely the perfect length and proportion. Casual, approachable, and perfectly fit.
  • Lighting, Lighting, Lighting: Lighting can literally make or break a picture and this room has outstanding lighting. (or he has a very expensive camera) Everything is fully lit with an overall sense of warmth without any overexposed spots.
  • Posing: His legs are relaxed and not awkwardly stiff. It’s a minor detail because he did it right. If his pose and posture was bad it could’ve ruined the whole thing.



If you know who this is please pass along my sincere appreciation.
Photo credit: Tumblr.

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