The Best Parts of a Man’s Body

As gay men and as bears we often have much more in common with the straight community than we think. However one of the key differences between us is our appreciation for the male body. Women tend to appreciate the whole package of a man but not every nook and crevice. For example, I’ve heard several comedians joke about the ugliness of balls. No shade to the ladies as it’s all a matter of taste but I notice they are often disgusted by a man’s most masculine characteristics.

For all the guys out there, straight and gay, here is a list to celebrate the parts of your body that don’t always get the love they deserve.


tumblr_murubqwI1d1ssfwiyo1_500 tumblr_ns52aubauK1r5mzpco1_1280

Back Rolls 

tumblr_nd2390o7Bh1rt14c4o1_400 tumblr_nqusx5wPig1rlw55uo1_1280

Belly Overhang

166359_1775136585568_1453932630_1886618_6245509_n tumblr_lalxde3cYR1qepkd2o1_500

Hairy Backs

tumblr_lb4veij28F1qbbjkro1_500 tumblr_ns2c61URai1u8vb81o1_400

Thick Necks and Backs

tumblr_nad252WpHh1qho6p6o1_500 tumblr_ledggaGS8R1qeotn1o1_500


tumblr_lwj0hhqFMl1qho6p6o1_500 tumblr_m5kvnkUuBd1ryqqzho1_500

Mushroom Tips


Thick Thighs 



tumblr_nqm4i04dkJ1qbwfs0o1_540 tumblr_nsxhpgbr3D1qebc2so1_1280


tumblr_nl924roBlA1tigyqho1_500 tumblr_ng458iTOBT1rwgbr8o1_1280


tumblr_nidnc7YABX1tg0nweo3_500 tumblr_nsd44zQY7Z1u9dqiyo1_1280


tumblr_npxiewNx7O1s7kce3o4_540 tumblr_ns7jey0eaY1ra3nodo1_1280

8 thoughts on “The Best Parts of a Man’s Body

  1. Dam these guys are hot
    XD it was kinda not hard to try to lick my phone screen
    I love bears
    Bulls an anything bug belly or a beefy guy sixpack but I’m not into skinny guys I afraid if I hug them to hard they break in half;)


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