The Need For Nonsense

tumblr_inline_ngwdc6i2AJ1t2hxiwWhile writing up podcast reviews last week I had an epiphany. One of my main critiques of the podcasts were that several of them tried to be overly serious and meaningful. Aisha Tyler’s Girl On Guy podcast is a good example. She’s funny but tries to find a deeper meaning with all of her guests. (Yawn) I remember thinking the same thing years ago when Rosie O’Donnell had her talk show. In the later seasons she often incorporated segments that focused on helping out real people with challenging lives. Granted she was doing good but I still changed the channel. I wasn’t watching her show for heartwarming inspiration I was watching her show for funny jokes about celebrities. Serious and meaningful have their place but for the most part I prefer light-hearted distraction. As for the epiphany, that came when I realized that the same critique could be made about The Gay Gasp. Maybe I’ve been doing a little too much social commentary lately and not enough nonsense. With our busy lives and the constant onslaught of information there is a definite need for escapist entertainment. In other words there is a need for nonsense. Nonsense is perfect for getting us through a tough work day or keeping us busy during an airport layover. Nonsense articles are the ideal when we just need to give our brains a rest.

It should be noted that nonsense has limits. I don’t want to end up like Buzzfeed which tends to go a bit too deep into the nonsensical. Do I really need a Friend’s themed quiz to tell me which one of Monica’s boyfriend’s would make the best Harry Potter villain? I promise my meaningful posts won’t totally go away but I hope to find a good balance and give you some more fun distraction.

With that in mind I bring you my favorite Golden Girls Gifs:

giphyaaa giphybbb giphygg giphyggy giphyjjj tumblr_nlhu9opIbZ1qdk2wao6_250 tumblr_nmlvw3DeFI1tolkh0o1_500 tumblr_nod0ssJhSI1svnh8ho1_500 tumblr_nr4kdwIB3x1qlvwnco1_500 tumblr_nrpcquVll11tolkh0o1_400 tumblr_ns79y4NTLz1u3eq0mo1_400tumblr_mx93auuY2w1r2jnbbo1_250tumblr_nbhty0kE5a1swksqoo1_400tumblr_inline_ngwdbfIUQ61t2hxiw

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