A Lesson In Karma

Giuliana Rancic is having a very good week.

This week Kelly Osbourne landed herself in a heap of controversy after an appearance on The View. She was addressing Donald Trump’s anti-Mexian and anti-Latino stance by trying to make the point that he probably employs many of those he is attacking. In doing so she basically called every Latino a maid who cleans toilets. No surprisingly the other View co-host (along with the internet) took her to task for her comments. When I read about this it really made my day. You’ll remember Kelly was very out spoken against Giuliana Rancic after “insensitive” comments she made on Fashion Police. Osbourne later quit the show over the matter. While I know Kelly had the best intentions on the View I absolutely love the fact that the same bullshit she was throwing came back to bite her in the ass. Sorry to say it but she totally deserve everything she’s getting right now. Call it a lesson in karma. I hope Giuliana sent her a big bouquet of flowers with a note simply saying, “This is so delicious it must be fattening.”

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