A Good Podcast Is Hard to Find

I like listening to podcasts at work but I’ve had a hard to finding ones that keep my interest. Many start out promising only to drop off very quickly. Here is a round up of my current listening list.

My Brother, My Brother, and Me

MBMBAM-1This is one of my newest podcast finds and also one of my favorites. The 3 McElroy brothers get together to give nonsense advice for nonsense questions. One of the best parts is that they crack each other up more than anyone else. They’ll spend an hour discussing the many ways to eat Totino’s Pizza Rolls or debating why Slimmer didn’t get killed by the Ghost Busters. They’re very funny and full of just the right amount of nonsense.

Girl of Guy with Aisha Tyler

2013_NEW_LOGO_FIN_SMAisha Tyler is best known as one of the hosts of The Talk and as the one black girlfriend on Friends. This podcast didn’t hold my interest because I wanted light-hearted banter and instead got an attempt to be over meaningful and “Oprah-esque.” It’s not bad but I found myself rolling my eyes several times.

TFM- Total Frat Move


I’ve been listening to this podcast the longest and it’s one of the few that continues to hold my interest. Jared Freid hosts this podcast that gives advice to college frat guys on how to fuck as much pussy and drink as much beer as possible. It’s hilariously over the top and it gives me a chance to get outside my gay “bubble.” It also made me realize that drunk horny frat guys are very similar to gay bears. Eat drink fuck. Eat drink fuck.

The Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald


This is a new podcast by Chelsea Lately alum Heather McDonald and honestly it’s the most pathetic of the bunch. First she has no co-hosts so she has no one to actually talk to. It’s just her rambling on about celebrities. Also the only guests so far have been other former Chelsea Lately cast members. Unless she finds a niche soon I don’t see this one lasting very long.

Straight Talk with Ross Matthews


Ross Matthews is Jay Leno’s former super gay intern who has gone on to host his own E! talk show as well as guest spots on Chelsea Lately. If you like Ross then you’ll like this podcast. He’s a great host with a variety of interesting guest. Segments include a daily Snack Attack and Teen Talk with (super gay teen) Jordan. This has been a great addition to my podcast rotation.

Feast of FunScreenHunter_2140-Oct.-29-18.27This long running podcast is hosted by partners Mark and Fausto. As former performers and drag queens there is a lot of time spent analyzing Rupaul’s Drag Race. I like the straight forward in-your-face gayness of the show but like Girl on Guy it tends to get a little to preachy. Even though I usually agree with the sentiments, Fausto often gets on his soap box about queer issues and goes on long tirades. Look for them also to be very bitter about former drag queen guests who have gone on to become famous and now are too busy to return their calls. They bring it up almost every episode. This podcast is fun but it can also be very annoying. I’m still currently subscribing but every episode I get closer to giving it the boot. Also I should really drive home the point that most of their conversations are about drag queens.

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