Original Penguin

I’m currently madly in love with Original Penguin. I really like their tee-shirts and I’ve also had great luck with their bathing suits. Recently when I was in their store picking up a new swim suit I saw the greatest reversible jacket (see pic below). *Swoon* Bad news is the jacket is $125. Good news is Dallas is a long way from cold Fall temps. With a little patience I just have to wait for the jacket to go on clearance in September or October. Now the game of retail stalking begins. I just have to check on it every couple of weeks to see if the price has budged and to make sure it’s still in stock. Same goes for the Beach, Please tee-shirt. At $39.99 I can wait for it to go on sale. P.S. There’s also a matching tank for the same price.

OP3 OP2OP 1 OP 7OP 6OP 5

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