A Wishlist For Aging


As I get older I hope ___________

  1. I never become basic.
  2. I am always accepting of change and progress.
  3. I never take myself too seriously.
  4. Technology never scare me.
  5. I have the self control to stay off social media when I’m depressed.
  6. I always take pride in my outfit.
  7. I lose some of my spite and stubbornness.
  8. Charlie Sheen’s career only gets worse.
  9. I find a love of fitness.
  10. I hold on to my gift of perspective.
  11. I still find time to let loose and get messy.
  12. I always value others for their personalities and actions first and their looks second.
  13. I don’t let fear make my decisions.
  14. Missy Elliot has a major comeback.
  15. I learn the value of saving money.
  16. I have patience with my parents.
  17. I am always self-aware.
  18. I don’t take my friends and family for granted.
  19. I continue to travel.
  20. I slow down and avoid speeding tickets.
  21. I always have a creative outlet.
  22. I add new a Bucket List item for every one I cross off.
  23. I never become famous.
  24. My sister finds true love.
  25. I never become a bullshit person.
  26. I get Russ an awesome gift for our 20th anniversary.

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