iTunes Rentals

When I travel I like to listen to books on tape in order to pass time on the plane. On my recent trip home to Connecticut I was having trouble finding any quality books to listen to. I decided to take a cue from my boyfriend and rent movies through iTunes. Once downloaded you have 30 days to start watching the movie. Once you press play you have 24 hours before the movie expires. It was great. I highly recommend it for your next trip.


The Dog

The Dog is a documentary about the real life man (John Wojtowicz) who inspired the movie A Dog Day Afternoon. This is one of the most unique and interesting life stories that I’ve seen. Wojtowicz grew up in Brooklyn and fought in the Vietnam War and like many men of the time got married shortly after returning home combat. As a self-described romantic John enjoyed sex with many different people both male and female and therefore it was hard for him to stay faithful. He ended up failing in love with a trans women named Ernie (later Elizabeth Eden) who wanted to get a sex change operation. The two even had a commitment ceremony that John’s mother attended. Without the money for the operation John, along with friend Sal and Robbie, decided to rob a bank so the woman he loved could get her surgery. A bisexual Vietnam vet who robs a bank to pay for his girlfriend’s sex change is not a story you hear everyday. The documentary provides plenty of interviews with him so you can witness his outgoing personality. I love the fact that throughout it all he has no shame for his life. He simply fell in love and did what he thought he needed to do to. Genitals and gender were never an issue. His story even weaves through the beginnings of the gay rights movement for which he was an active participant. One of my favorite stories is when he tells us about the night before the bank robbery when he and Sal took turns fucking Robbie. I wonder if a pre-robbery gay fuck scene is in the Al Pacino movie? The Dog is both funny and touching. Definitely check this one out. What’s even better is that it was part of a $.99 documentary rental promotion.



Pride isn’t a documentary but the story is still true.  In the early 1980’s a group on gay British activists decided to use their fundraising skills to help striking miners. I loved this movie. The story is so incredibly touching that I admit I found myself crying on the plane as I watched it. I also loved learning about stories from other countries gay rights movements. I think too often we assume that American gay rights history, such as Stonewall, is considered the history for every gay person across the globe. Every country has their own stories and their own histories. These gay British men and women fought for miners despite having no stake in the outcome. They simply saw fellow humans that needed help and recognized the similarities of their struggles. This movie really got to me. I really was touched to see that the mining union did and continue to be a major supporter of the gay rights movement in Britain. A+


The Princess and the Frog

The Princess and the Frog is one Disney’s animated movies that I missed. After seeing it mentioned in a few Buzzfeed articles I decided to add it to my must-watch list. However as one of Disney’s more obscure princess movies it’s can be very hard to find. Don’t bother looking on Netflix or Redbox. I honestly enjoyed it but I can see why it didn’t make more of an impact. It was good but nothing about it really stood out. It reminded of Brave, another forgotten princess movie. Bother are quality films but lack that special something to turn it into Frozen. Disney buffs should definitely make it a point watch this one. For everyone else, I recommend The Princess and the Frog if you run across it on television.

P.S. Yes Oprah is the voice of the mother.

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