Thursday Thoughts


  1. Snaps to John Cena. He was legitimately funny and my favorite part of Trainwreck.
  2. Chicken fingers are 50% of my diet
  3. A perfect flight means wi-fi and sitting next to an empty seat.
  4. What ever happened to Jenny Jones?
  5. Last weekend I pretended to be overly offended by someone just so they would leave me alone. It worked.
  6. They should remake Mary Poppins.
  7. From now on I’m going to give every celebrity one free gay slur pass. But like Spider-Man says, you only get one.
  8. Netflix and other streaming services have saved the sitcom genre.
  9. I think the Trans community is going to start to break away and cut ties with the gay community. Gender and sexuality are in fact two totally separate things.
  10. There hasn’t been a good gay movie in a while.
  11. I instantly assume someone is a selfish asshole if all the complain about it not being able to water their lawn.
  12. I don’t have the guts to unfriend everyone I want to.
  13. I’m excited that in 2015 I’m getting to visit two states that I’ve never been to.
  14. Cute dog Instagram accounts excite me more than hot bear Instagram accounts.
  15. I roll my eye at everyone who has “Bear” in their Facebook name.
  16. Why didn’t Melissa McCarthy’s movie Spy get more attention? It was seriously funny.
  17. How awesome is Barack Obama?!
  18. On my trip home this weekend I’m going to keep a tally of how many times I hear, “Have you lost more weight?”
  19. You can get good decorating ideas by looking up expensive homes for sale in trendy gay neighborhoods.
  20. I just unfriended someone on Facebook because his response to the Bill Cosby accusers was “What were they expecting?” (He wasn’t being sarcastic)
  21. Dear Apple, please release the new iPhone early so I’ll have it before going to Hawaii.
  22. I need to start packing.

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