Cargo Shorts Are A Bear’s Best Friend.


Long live cargo shorts!

1. Extra leg room for thick thighs. Thank god for thick thighs. They save lives you know.


2. More pockets to hold your stuff. No one wants pockets over stuffed with keys, wallets and cell phones. There should only be one bulge in your pants. Even worse is when a pocket is too small and the phone sticks out… so rachet.


3. They’re classic, not trendy. Trends come and go quickly. You can count on cargos for longevity.


4. Plaid! Liven up any look with a pop of plaid. Everything from vibrant multicolor madras to a simple blue and gray gingham.


5. You already own them. The fashion industry is a business and they need to make you buy new clothes. Cargo short being labeled as a don’t just means you’ll have to spend money on the newest do. Don’t be fooled.


6. Cargo shorts go with everything. No matter what type of shirt you have on, cargos are the staple of summer.


7. They are the A-line skirt  for men. If you’ve got a thick upper body it’s a good idea to balance it out with a wider bottom. Slim fit shorts weren’t designed with big sexy bellies in mind. While we all love the taste of an ice cream cone but we don’t want to be the shape of one.


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