The Hateful Eight

For me, being opinionated means having as many opinions about trivial matters as important world issues. In all honesty none of these things are important enough to waste my energy on but they still bug me.

1. Restaurants who give you a tiny cup of ketchup rather than the bottle. It’s never enough!


2. Coexist bumper stickers. Don’t be basic.


3. Anyone behind a counter who doesn’t have a sense of urgency during a rush. Do you not see the 20 people in line? Move faster!


4. No cover art for a song on iTunes.


5. When you hold a door for someone and they try to out do your politeness by insisting you go first. Now you’re just slowing us both down.


6. The guy who really likes you but hasn’t matured enough to show genuine emotion. Instead he acts like an asshole just like boys do kindergarten who hit girls as a way of showing their affection.


7. Balsamic Vinaigrette. It’s overpowers and ruins the taste of everything.


8. The question, “Why are you on your phone?” when you’re at a party or a bar. My answer, “If you were more interesting I wouldn’t need to be on my phone,”


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